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Why should you choose us?


We will help you to make the best decision

We will identify different paths you can take and make recommendations that will help you to save time, money and nerves.

Attention to detail

When we prepare an application to an educational institution we take all details into account (your interests, abilities, health issues etc.) to maximise the chances of success and to make sure you enjoy your studies.

Return on investment

We only recommend educational institutions with high quality of education that will maximise your potential and help you build a successful career and a happy life.

About us

Julia Nikisena,
Director of Good Education LTD

My involvement with UK Education and consultancy started 10 years ago.

I studied to be a teacher, and I wanted to work in education related field.  My CV made its way to the desk of a Director of an Educational Consultancy that has been a leader in this market for a hundred and twenty years!

I possessed all qualities necessary for this job: a teacher with fluent English, Russian, experience within service industry and a desire to grow. I successfully passed the interview and started the job with great enthusiasm.

Initially my work was mostly focused around helping our Japanese partners. We were selecting summer schools and boarding schools for children, helping them to choose a profession and to apply to a university and acted as their guardians in the UK.

I would like to point out that working with Japanese clients requires close attention to the smallest details. I gradually got to know their mentality and learned to provide high quality service that would often exceed their expectations.

As I was working with the Japanese clients, the amount of my Russian clients also grew.

As a result of my good reputation that took me 3 years to build, the number of Russian clients has also increased. Which prompted us to open a Russian-speaking department.

At the same time our agency was sold to a large corporation and quantity started to take priority over quality.

Our Managing Director left the company soon after that and I was headhunted by our competitor.

After working there for about a year I gained valuable experience of working with clients at a very high level as well as experience of winning new business.

I realised that it’s time to start my own agency. This is how Good Education Ltd. was born.

Five years later I am proud to say that 99% of our students successfully applied to their chosen schools and universities and this list is growing every day.

We helped dozens of young people to choose their profession and to apply to UK universities and also successfully placed adults and children into English language schools.

We are growing and expanding and will be happy to help you and your friends with any questions about applying to a school or University n the UK or selecting a good language programme.

We are moving towards your goal step by step



We determine the ideal direction and the course of action for you.

Strategic session

An expert with 10 years of experience in education consulting will help you to create an individual strategy for you.

Preparing your application

Preliminary tests – professional orientation, English level, preparing all necessary documents etc.

Starting your studies

Arrival to the UK, settling in and successful registration at your school or university.

Contact us for a consultation

After the consultation you will gain an understanding of the British education system and how to start moving towards your goal
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