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About us

Julia Nikisena,
Director of Good Education LTD

“As a teacher, over the past 10 years I have been consulting clients about the education system in the UK.

During this time I developed a method that gives the best result, because on one hand it takes into account the up to date information about schools in the UK, and on the other hand  — the character, abilities and interests of the child.

I am proud to say that that 99% of all students successfully applied to their chosen schools and universities and this list is growing every day.”

Benefits of studying at an Independent School in the UK

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Personal development

Discovering your talents and growing personally in every way (academically, physically and emotionally) is at the core of British education. Teachers and mentors want to see your child succeed.

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Building connections and networking

Studying at boarding schools gives children an opportunity to meet and build relationships with other children, which can help down the line.


Applying to leading universities

School programme and study methods allow to prepare children for their future application to the best universities in the UK, which opens the door to a successful career.

What are the benefits of applying through Good Education?


Unbiased choice

We do not get commission from schools and therefore can make an objective choice that will benefit your child the most

High success rate and experience

We developed an effective method that allows 99% of our clients to go to the school of their first choice

We speak your language

In our work we take into account cultural differences and language barrier and help to overcome them

We are based in London

As we are based in London, we are aware of all changes and developments and quickly find solutions in urgent situations

We will help you to achieve your goals


 Information about entry requirements for the ages of 7+, 11/13+ and 16+;

Information about the British education system;

Evaluating your child’s academic abilities;

  • Preparing a tuition programme (if necessary);
  • Discussing all aspects of your child’s education;
  • Taking into account your preferences and the needs of your child;

Recommendation of several suitable day schools and boarding schools;

 Checking the amount of available places in the recommended schools;

Provision of information about the registration process and deadlines;

Requesting registration forms and registering in the selected schools.


Good Education will continue to maintain regular communication with the schools of your choice to make sure that the staff are familiar with your future plans regarding your child and are able to offer them the support they need.

We will also help to deal with administration:

Sending school certificates

 Requesting registration forms

Registration at a school or for entry exams

 Discussing the future of your child with school representatives, including the staff responsible for children with special requirements

We will help you to prepare all documents, starting with a registration form and ending with getting a place at a school and will make sure that the school has access to all relevant information


We will organise a VIP visit to a maximum of five schools recommended by us and, if required, will help to book a car with a driver and an assistant.

During the enrolment process we can provide guardianship for your child for the period of study in order to meet the UKVI requirements and to ensure quick resolution of any urgent situations for your peace of mind.

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