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We help you to choose the right one from 2500 schools

What are the Good Education benefits?

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Independent approach

We select schools regardless of whether they pay commission or not. So we can provide an objective choice in the interests of your child.
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Performance and experience

We have developed an effective approach that allows 99% of our clients to enroll in the school of their first choice
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In your language

In our work, we take into account the cultural and language barrier and help overcome it
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We are located in London

Being in London, we are aware of all changes and innovations and quickly solve urgent situations

Do you want your children to get a prestigious education?

Leave a request for a consultation, where you will learn about the English education system, and also be able to avoid most of the mistakes along the way.
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Introduction and preparation

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Communication with schools

Good Education will communicate regularly with your chosen schools to ensure their staff are aware of your child’s future plans and provide him/her all the support they need.

We also help solving all administrative issues:

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Admission and guardianship

We will arrange VIP visits to a maximum of five schools we recommend and, if necessary, help arrange a car with driver and escort.

Once admitted, we can secure custody of your child to quickly resolve emergencies to ensure your calmness.

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