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What is the reason to choose
studying English in England?

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Immersive effect

Complete immersion, communication with native speakers and the surroundings significantly speed up the transition to a new level
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Introduction to a culture

Visiting a variety of attractions and historical sites enhances the learning process and provides new memorable experiences
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Advanced Programs

Language schools use the latest advances in linguistics and psychology, as well as technological innovations for the best results
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Recognized result

You receive a certificate that confirms your transition to a new level and is recognized everywhere in the world
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For children

For children and teenagers from 10 to 17 years old there are programs with accommodation in a boarding school, student residence or guest family.

In addition to studying, students can engage in sports or art, attend various hobby groups, and also take part in a rich cultural program and trips around the UK.

Students can study additional academic subjects, prepare for language exams or apply to and study at a British school.

Children from 3 to 9 years old can come accompanied by their parents and study in specially designed courses, where they can develop language skills in a playful way.

The accompanying parent can, if desired, study English at the same school.

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For adults

For students over 16 years old, group and individual courses are offered in general English, business English, and preparation for various exams, including IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge English.

Having plunged into the English-speaking environment, you will feel that your vocabulary is becoming richer every day. The language is perceived better by ear, spoken English is more confident. Isn’t this the result for which it is worth spending a vacation in England?

For students with a higher level of English, there is a wide choice of programs with different specializations – business English, English for finance, English for medicine and law, as well as preparation programs for international tests IELTS and TOEFL.

We will not only help organize training, but also accommodation in a guest family, student residence or hotel, provide visa support and organize meetings and departures at the airport.

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Summer camp

For those planning their first trip to a summer camp in England, it will be useful to know that most summer programs for children under 16 years are based in boarding schools that are located outside of London.

This allows you to combine training with accommodation and excellent opportunities for sports, creativity and games in one place.

Most summer programs begin in July, and it is advisable to book places six months in advance, because many schools are already fully booked by April.

Some summer schools, such as Millfield, occupy large areas and accommodate up to 1000 students.

Other schools, such as Roedean, have a smaller area, but the school has a beautiful sea view and the beach is a 10 minutes walk distance.

How can we help?

You can choose the most effective way to learn English for your purposes.

The individual requirements of the client are the most important thing for us.

Based on this, schools, camps, homestays, individual training or a combined option are offered.

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Why does the client need English?

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